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Why Would an Insurer Deny a Large-Loss Insurance Claim?

Bill Voss, Attorney

As the founding attorney at the Voss Law Firm, Bill Voss provides legal representation in cases involving insurance claims. Bill Voss helps individuals who feel that their large-loss claims have been inappropriately denied receive the compensation they deserve.

Insurance companies may deny claims for a number of reasons, and according to Mr. Voss, some of these reasons are in good faith. The main legitimate reason for a denial is that the policyholder lacks coverage. Commercial policies can become very complex, and businesses can grow or change faster than those policies are revisited and updated. Individuals thus need to be diligent about keeping their insurance up-to-date.

Often, commercial properties are covered under several different policies, and it is not uncommon to mistakenly submit a claim to the wrong insurer. Insurance companies sometimes try to pass responsibility around, so it is critical that policyholders keep track of which aspects of insurance are through which insurers.

Among the other most common reasons that an insurance company can rightfully reject a claim is that documentation submitted in support of it is inaccurate. For this reason, policyholders should double-check all assessments and estimates for accuracy before submission. 

If an insurance company denies a claim for a different reason, it may be time to speak to a qualified attorney who can get to the bottom of the issue and ensure timely resolution.


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